Our Rum

Authentically made in a Guatemalan distillery, Tenango Rum is an homage to family, good times, and a female entrepreneurial spirit. Dark-aged with hints of chocolate yet slightly floral on the nose, this is not your typical Tiki drink ingredient. An elevated experience for the newly sophisticated drinker, Tenango is an opportunity to appreciate the good things in life. So kick back and relax, or embrace with your friends. It’s time to reinvent the old fashioned. 


Notes of chocolate, butterscotch, and almond.


Slightly floral on the nose.

Body & Color



Single source from a vertically integrated distillery.

The Tenango Process

Sugarcane is harvested in Guatemala from the stem leaving the root of the sugarcane, to allow the root to re-grow.
Through a routine extraction, a liquid molasses is pulled from the sugarcane.
The liquid molasses is mixed with water and yeast to help the sugar ferment.
The liquid molasses is then distilled in a Column Still
This mixture is placed inside an American oak barrel to naturally age for years.